I am a multilingual SEO expert and a specialist in organic lead generation with 15+ years of experience worldwide.


How Can I Help Your Business With Multilingual SEO?

Multiregional Lead Generation

● Generate Regional Qualified Leads
● Improve Visitor -> Lead Conversion
● Improve Lead -> Opportunity Conversion
● Nurture Regional Leads in Local Language
● Localize Your Prospecting & Outreach

Multilingual SEO

● Do SEO with English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & Russian keywords
● Create High-Quality Localized Content
● Generate Localized Backlinks

About me

Since 2006 I was involved in digital lead generation and SEO in the rapid-growing software company Parallels in Seattle, WA.

In 2009 I founded one of the first web analytics agencies in Russia. My client list included many well-known technology companies.

In 2014 the business was sold to the hugest independent digital marketing group in Russia - iConText Group.

Since 2016 I started to individually provide multiregional lead generation and SEO services to various companies worldwide.

Multiregional Organic SEO

Localized Content & Backlinks

Local Organic Rank Tracking

Regional Local Citations & Reviews

Conversion Rate Optimization

15+ Years Experience in Multiregional SEO

Parallels, Inc

2006 - 2009

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Responsible for overall online revenue and digital marketing efforts in Parallels. This included sales and lead generation via search engine marketing (SEM), worldwide SEO optimization, software review portals, free download websites, affiliate management, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, retargeting campaigns and other channels. Executed conversion rate optimization activities using Google Analytics, Omniture and website usability improvements. New sales and upgrade campaigns to user base with $100k/day results.


2009 - 2014

Co-Founder and CEO

The leading web analytics agency in Russia. Founded as the first independent web analytics agency in 2009, the first Google Analytics certified partner in Russia. Executing web analytics services for largest russian companies: Kaspersky, Acronis, Panasonic, Renaissance Credit, Megafon, Beeline, MTS, CTC, KupiVIP, IVI, Incom, X5, Faberlic, Fast Lane, Lamoda, EnglishFirst etc. Since 2014 a member of iConText Group - one of the biggest online marketing holdings in Russia. Responsible for overall strategy, new business acquisition, project execution and P&L.

iConText Group

2014 - 2016

Marketing Director

Responsible for overall iConText group marketing&strategy. Built profitable SMB business division (icTurbo) with >100Mn revenues. Responsible for business processes for SMB customers, lead generation, sales operations and service execution. This job was transitional after WebProfiters was acquired by iConText.


2016 - now

Digital Marketing Expert

At Iunisov.Com I personally provide digital marketing & SEO consulting services. My main area of expertise is IT technology, enterprise and consumer software, SaaS and B2B.
I am providing lead generation services using the following channels:
- multiregional & multilingual SEO;
- social media ads;
- pay-per-click ads;
- display ads;
- email marketing;
- other digital channels.
I am also working on optimizing marketing funnels, nurturing leads and retaining customers using:
- website conversion rate optimization;
- lead nurturing via email & retargeting;
- microsegment email-marketing to cohorts;
- website A/B testing and usability audits.

My Multilingual SEO Portfolio

A Leading Creative Management B2B SaaS

This company is a B2B SaaS workspace that allows you to create, collaborate and launch ads at scale. It allows design and marketing teams to multiply creative volume and variety, go to market faster and out-market competition. The name of the client is under NDA. By the middle of 2022 I’ve increased the overall SEO…
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A Leading BIM Company

This company is developing the industry-leading integrated BIM collaboration software. The name of the client is under NDA. The goal of this 2,5-year project is to generate leads (trial downloads, contact form submissions and whitepaper downloads) and nurture them to the end of 3-6 months sales cycle. The target regions include North America, Western Europe…
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Cipherpoint Limited (ASX:CPT) provides solutions that help businesses and governments identify, protect, and control access to sensitive information. Cipherpoint solutions restrict access to sensitive content to IT administrators and makes it difficult to steal or misuse information, rather than protecting the devices that store information. With offices and customers in Australia, Europe and the US,…
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Bacula Systems

This 5-year project includes lead generation using PPC advertising in Google Ads, SEO optimization, social network advertising, referral marketing, email nurturing and account-based marketing techniques. The target regions to generate leads include: US/Canada, Western Europe, part of Eastern Europe, ANZ and Latin America. We tripled (+300%) the number of leads in only 1 year. We…
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