A Trusted Cybersecurity Software Vendor

This enterprise cybersecurity vendor supplies a platform for secure collaboration and sharing classified and top-secret data among defense and military organizations. The client’s name is under NDA.

Over the past 12 months, the cumulative number of Google Ads qualified leads has grown from 0 to 400. According to Statista, the cost-per-lead for paid acquisition channels in this industry equals $617. Using thorough clustered keyword research, enhanced campaign optimization, and relevant landing pages and assets, I delivered qualified leads for $100 for the same regions, 6 times less the average market cost.

Our SEO efforts have also yielded significant results. We’ve successfully secured top-10 rankings for industry-specific keywords, such as “itar compliance”, “multi level security”, “data centric security”, and “attribute based access control”, and others, for the US search results.