Search Engine Marketing Consultant

I am a search engine marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience worldwide. I am providing comprehensive SEM services across multiple platforms and ad networks in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and several other languages.
Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services

Keyword Research and Analysis

I conduct thorough keyword research to identify the most effective search terms both for your organic SEO and paid campaigns. This includes analyzing search volume, competition, as well as the user's search intent to identify appropriate channels that maximize your SEM's performance.

Ad Copy Creation & Optimization

I create engaging text ad copies with high CTR that resonate with your target audience. After the campaign starts, I will perform an ongoing ad optimization according to Google Ads' recommendations. This ensures that ads perform at their best, improving click-through rates and conversion rate.

Impactful Visual Ads Design

By leveraging Canva & Google Ads integration, I create stunning visual ads that are consistent with your brand and enable higher CTRs. Canva's customizable templates for Google Ads adhere to Google's best practices and permit using static images in all the right sizes and impactful clips that grab the attention.

GA4 and Google Ads Integration

After ensuring the proper implementation of Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, I set up tracking of key events and integrate them into Google Ads allowing conversion data to be used for automated bidding strategies. This maximizes performance and aligns with Google Ads' best practices I learned during my career.

Landing Pages and Assets Boost

The success of SEM services is deeply connected with your landing pages. To maximize conversions, I optimize landing pages to align with the search intent, ad language, and user expectations. This includes improving the product messaging, page speed, user experience, and call-to-action elements that gain trust.

Bid Management and Budget Allocation

If it is not effective enough to use "Maximize Conversions", "Target CPA", or other built-in automated bidding strategies, I implement bespoke portfolio bid strategies and budget allocation techniques. They ensure that your budget is used efficiently across all platforms, campaigns, ad groups, audience segments, and keywords.

Remarketing and Audience Targeting

I set up and manage advanced remarketing campaigns to re-engage previous website visitors that didn't convert. My multiple case studies prove that remarketing boosts organic SEO conversions. In addition, I implement custom audience targeting strategies to reach high-value prospects in your industry.

Ongoing Management and Reporting

I track campaign KPIs (CPA, ROAS, ROI, etc.) at least 3 times per week, adjust campaign settings, and continuously grow the negative keyword list to minimize ad impressions on irrelevant queries. Every month I provide detailed reports on your campaign performance with suggestions for improvement.

My career in SEM

Since 2006 I have been involved in search engine marketing, pay-per-click, and SEO for the rapidly growing US-based software company Parallels.

In 2009 I founded an innovative digital marketing agency in the CIS region, where I implemented sophisticated SEM strategies for a diverse range of well-known regional companies.

In 2014 the business was sold to one of the largest independent digital marketing holdings iConText Group, where I became responsible for search engine marketing strategies for SMBs.

Since 2016 I started to individually provide SEO & SEM services to various companies worldwide. Some of the clients are listed in my portfolio below.

My deep SEM expertise, as well as Google Ads certifications, allow me to achieve your objectives rapidly without investing a fortune.

Paid Search in Google Ads

Paid Search in Microsoft Ads

Display and Remarketing

Google Shopping Ads

Conversion Rate Optimization

Engaging Campaigns Assets

Advanced Reporting and Analysis

Contracts without Lock-in

Search Engine Marketing Service Focus & Results

My SEM expertise spans across various industries:

● Technology, software & SaaS
● B2B services
● Fintech and finance
● Retail & E-commerce
● Manufacturing
● Gaming & Apps
● Healthcare and Wellness
● Travel and Hospitality

Results I delivered through my SEM services:

● 3 times lower cost-per-lead compared to industry average
● Enterprise-grade leads with a CPL of less than 50USD
● 400% increase in brand search awareness metrics
● Thousands of leads coming in from remarketing campaigns
● Improved KPIs in specific regions: the EU, DACH, Balkans, the Middle East, and APAC

Search Engine Marketing Portfolio

A Leading BIM Software Company

This company is developing the industry-leading integrated BIM collaboration software. The name of the client is under NDA. The goal of this 5-year project is to generate leads (trial downloads, contact form submissions, and whitepaper downloads) and nurture them to the end of a 3- 6 month sales cycle. The target regions include North America,…
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Bacula Systems – Enterprise Backup Software

This five-year project includes lead generation using PPC advertising in Google Ads, SEO optimization, social network advertising, referral marketing, email nurturing, and account-based marketing techniques. The target regions to generate leads include: the USA, Canada, Western Europe, part of Eastern Europe, ANZ, and part of Latin America. We tripled (+300%) the number of leads in…
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A Notable SharePoint Apps Vendor

This company is developing web parts and apps for SharePoint on-premise and Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online). The name of the client is under NDA. This three-year project aims to improve organic SEO traffic and generate trial downloads, ultimately leading them to sales. The target regions include North and Latin America, Western Europe, and ANZ. The…
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A Trusted SharePoint Data Protection Vendor

This vendor provides solutions that help businesses and governments identify, protect, and control access to sensitive information. These solutions restrict access to sensitive content to IT administrators and make it difficult to steal or misuse information. This two-year project included lead generation using PPC advertising in Google Ads, display retargeting, SEO optimization, social network advertising,…
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A Prominent B2B ECommerce Platform

This company is an enterprise-level B2B e-commerce platform with an advanced architecture that allows the creation of multivendor marketplaces, e-procurement solutions, order management systems, PIM systems, and more. The client’s name is under NDA. Since 2018, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in our SEO traffic, catapulting from 150 to an impressive 450 visitors per day….
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A Growing Creative Management B2B SaaS

This company is a B2B SaaS workspace that allows you to create, collaborate on, and launch ads at scale. It enables design and marketing teams to multiply creative volume and variety, go to market faster, and out-market competition. The client’s name is under NDA. As of mid-2022, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat by catapulting the…
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A Trusted Cybersecurity Software Vendor

This enterprise cybersecurity vendor supplies a platform for secure collaboration and sharing classified and top-secret data among defense and military organizations. The client’s name is under NDA. Over the past 12 months, the cumulative number of Google Ads qualified leads has grown from 0 to 400. According to Statista, the cost-per-lead for paid acquisition channels…
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Fintech SaaS – Subscriptions Tracker

Originally founded as a dedicated server provider, the company later expanded to offer premium CDN solutions on a reselling basis. Based on customer feedback regarding difficulties in managing subscriptions, the team developed a financial subscriptions tracker as a spinoff. Initially the project faced challenges with ranking for competitive keywords like ‘subscription tracker’ and ‘track subscriptions’…
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Why are search engine marketing services important for businesses?

Business entities that set ambitious objectives and anticipate fast results, for example, increased traffic levels or higher chances of conversion, can only do with SEM services. Unlike other search marketing methods that may take weeks or even months before the results can be seen, the company is assured of being at the top of the search right from the start. This immediate visibility can, however, be achieved through paid advertising since it targets the funds to reach specific keywords and audiences. The advantages of this technique are that it is measurable, can easily cover a large market within a short period, and reaches potential customers who are likely to be in the market for such products and services.

The cost of professional search engine marketing services

The cost of SEM services includes two main components:

  • Consulting Fee: This fee will include initial consultation, campaign creation, ongoing management, optimization, and reporting. The extent of the particular development project that has to be carried out will determine the fee. The fee is based on the specific services your business requires and the overall objectives of your SEM plan.
  • Advertising Budget: This is the real spend encountered in ad platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, among others. It is not part of the consulting fee and is for the direct subsidizing of the operations of the ad platforms that you use for your campaigns. This implies that advertising costs are sensitive and vary in instants, such as competition, keywords, regions, and languages, among others.

Do you have pay-per-result or pay-for-performance options?

Sometimes I offer my services as pay-per-result to specific industries or clients. In this payment structure, a portion of my fees is contingent upon the performance of your campaigns. The other option is to make payments based on the number of leads you want or even the number of orders you wish to make. In this manner, there is an understanding that one pays only for the result, which is relatively easy to quantify; thus, motivation is aligned with the business goals.

To get a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs and to discuss which pricing model would work best for your business, please contact me using the form below.

The benefits of professional search engine marketing

  • Immediate visibility and traffic: SEM allows a business to rank in search engine results within the least time possible, which means a rapid increase in website traffic.
  • Highly targeted advertising: The excellent thing about SEM is that one can target specific niche keywords, audiences with clear purchasing intent, narrow geographical areas, or even lists of current business clients.
  • Measurable ROI: Because of the ability to track, measure, and attribute all the actions of visitors from SEM campaigns, the ROI from this advertising channel is easy to estimate.
  • Ability to reach customers at different stages of the buying cycle: With SEM, one can communicate with prospects at a definite stage of the buyers’ process—from recognizing a problem that could be solved with a distinct product to making the actual buying decision.
  • Flexibility to adjust campaigns in real-time: The other advantage of SEM is that it provides instant data, which can be used to adjust the campaign to get better results—no need to wait weeks or months for the feedback loop.

In addition, SEM complements and supports organic SEO efforts. The analysis of SEM search terms actually used by prospects helps to gain insights into what content could be used to boost the SEO traffic.

Why hire a search engine marketing consultant instead of an agency?

Hiring an individual SEM consultant often provides more personalized attention, cost-effectiveness, and agility compared to larger agencies. As a professional SEM expert, I can offer:

  • Senior level SEM experience: Since 2006, when I launched my first Google Ads campaign, I have gained knowledge and experience across various client industries. I also followed all the guidance from the SEM community and Google's thought leadership, enabling me to work effectively in SEM campaigns.
  • Effective management of large budgets: Some accounts I have developed from zero and managed throughout have reached up to $500,000 in yearly budgets.
  • Direct communication and quick response times: Some people prefer hiring consultants because having a single point of contact can be faster.
  • Deep understanding of your specific business needs: I dedicate time to researching best practices of SEM for your business niche and line of operation to find the best solutions to propose.
  • More flexible and tailored strategies: Consultants are not tied to strict procedures and can provide bespoke SEM strategies, especially the multiregional and multilingual ones from me.
  • Updated knowledge of SEM trends: New trends in SEM and adherence to the industry's best practices help me ensure my campaigns are optimized in the best possible fashion.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Since I do not have an agency's overhead, I can competitively price my SEM services and offer pay-per-results programs.
  • Full accountability: I take full responsibility for the project and am accountable for positive and negative results, hence having a cordial and straightforward business affiliation.


How is SEM different from SEO?

Both SEM and SEO aim to increase visibility and traffic from search engines. SEO focuses on improving organic rankings through on-page and off-page optimization. SEM, on the other hand, primarily involves paid advertising to achieve immediate visibility above the organic search results (and in other placements). SEM and SEO work in conjunction with each other, improving the overall trustworthiness of your website in search results.

What platforms do you use for SEM campaigns?

I specialize in all major search and display advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and others. The choice of platforms depends on your target audience, industry, and marketing goals.

How do you measure the success of SEM campaigns?

Success is measured using various key performance indicators (KPIs) tailored to your specific goals. Common metrics include click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (for examlpe, per lead), return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall ROI. I provide detailed reports that track these metrics and offer insights for continuous improvement.

How long does it take to see results from SEM?

One of the advantages of SEM is that it can produce immediate results in increased visibility and traffic. However, optimizing campaigns for best performance typically takes 2-3 months. I continuously refine targeting, ad copy, and negative search terms during this time. In addition, after we achieve the first 15 conversions, I turn on the automated bidding strategies to improve results even further.

Can you work with my existing SEM campaigns, or do we need to start from scratch?

Depending on your situation, I can work with your existing accounts or start new ones. If you have existing campaigns that need to perform better, I'll conduct a thorough SEM audit to identify areas for improvement. I believe it is valuable to work with accounts with advertising history, even if it is not the best one, as it still improves the results. If starting from scratch, I will develop a comprehensive campaign strategy tailored to your business objective and execute it in your brand-new account.

How do you stay updated with the latest SEM trends?

I continuously invest in professional development, attending industry conferences, participating in relevant SEM webinars, renewing my Google Ads certifications, and staying active in professional communities. I also closely monitor official announcements from major SEM platforms to ensure my strategies remain effective and aligned to their recommendations.

Why would a company need to invest in an SEM consultant instead of building SEM team in-house?

While building an in-house SEM team is possible, partnering with an experienced consultant like myself often provides several advantages. As a specialized professional, I bring 15+ years of diverse experience across various industries and platforms, offering immediate expertise without the overhead of full-time salaries and training costs. My up-to-date knowledge of rapidly changing SEM trends, combined with an external perspective, can identify opportunities that in-house teams might miss. Most importantly, my strategies typically achieve a cost per lead 3-4 times lower than industry averages, allowing you to see significant improvements quickly without the learning and testing curves an in-house team might face.

How closely do you work with clients during the SEM process?

I believe in close collaboration with my clients and don't set artificial boundaries to contact and communicate with me. You'll receive regular updates and monthly reports, and I'm always available to discuss strategy, answer questions, or address concerns on the calls.

What kind of contract terms do you offer?

I believe in earning your business through results, not contractual obligations. Unlike agencies that require long-term commitments, I offer simple, month-to-month contracts with no vendor lock-in. My philosophy is that locking clients into year-long contracts benefits agencies more than clients. With my flexible approach, if you ever feel that my work isn't contributing to your company's marketing success, you're free to discontinue our partnership without being tied to lengthy commitments (and having a complete control over your ad accounts). My focus is on building long-term relationships through consistent performance and value, not through contractual constraints.

What will be included in your monthly reporting?

My monthly reporting is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of your SEM performance. Each report includes KPIs such as impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, conversions, conversion rates, and cost per acquisition (CPL or CPO, depending on the project scope). If needed, I sometimes provide detailed breakdowns of performance by campaign, allowing you to see which ones are driving the best results. The report includes trend analysis, comparing current performance to previous periods to track progress over time. Each report comes with my analysis, highlighting key wins, areas for improvement, and strategic recommendations for the coming month. I'm happy to customize the report format and metrics based on your specific needs.

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