Fintech SaaS – Subscriptions Tracker

Originally founded as a dedicated server provider, the company later expanded to offer premium CDN solutions on a reselling basis. Based on customer feedback regarding difficulties in managing subscriptions, the team developed a financial subscriptions tracker as a spinoff.

Initially the project faced challenges with ranking for competitive keywords like ‘subscription tracker’ and ‘track subscriptions’ in the US, due to limitations of the landing page builder used for their website. The decision was made to overhaul the website platform entirely. My role involved technical optimization of the new pages, creating new content for the blog and help sections, and conducting off-page link building. Over an 8-month period, which included three months for platform replacement, significant improvements were made in the US Google search rankings:

  • “subscription tracker” reached 8th place;
  • “subscription tracking” achieved 9th place;
  • “track subscriptions” climbed to 9th place.

This led to a doubling of organic traffic, from 300 to 600 monthly visitors.