I am an independent digital marketing and SEO consultant from Germany with 13 years of experience on a worldwide level.


About me

Since 2006 I was involved in digital marketing and SEO in the rapid-growing software company Parallels in Seattle, WA.

In 2009 I founded the first web analytics agency in Russia. My client list included TOP-100 Russian and international companies from all industries.

In 2014 the business was sold to the hugest independent online advertising holding in Russia - iConText Group.

Since 2016 I serve as CDMO in Bacula Systems - an enterprise backup software company and CMO in VirtoSoftware - a SharePoint development company.

I also provide digital marketing and SEO consulting services to various companies from all economy sectors worldwide.

Marketing Strategy & Research

B2B Lead Generation & Nurturing

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13+ Years Experience in Digital Marketing & Analytics

Parallels, Inc

2006 - 2009

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Responsible for overall online revenue and marketing efforts in Parallels. This included sales and lead generation via search marketing (SEM, SEO), software review portals, free download websites, affiliate management, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, retargeting campaigns and other channels. Executed conversion rate optimization activities using Google Analytics, Omniture and website usability improvements. New sales and upgrade campaigns to user base with $100k/day results.


2009 - 2014

Co-Founder and CEO

The leading web analytics agency in Russia. Founded as the first independent web analytics agency in 2009, the first Google Analytics certified partner in Russia. Executing web analytics services for largest russian companies: Kaspersky, Acronis, Panasonic, Renaissance Credit, Megafon, Beeline, MTS, CTC, KupiVIP, IVI, Incom, X5, Faberlic, Fast Lane, Lamoda, EnglishFirst etc. Since 2014 a member of iConText Group - one of the biggest online marketing holdings in Russia. Responsible for overall strategy, new business acquisition, project execution and P&L.

iConText Group

2014 - 2015

Marketing Director, Head of SMB Business

Responsible for overall iConText group marketing&strategy. Built profitable SMB business division (icTurbo) with >100Mn revenues. Responsible for business processes for SMB customers, lead generation, sales operations and service execution. This job was transitional after WebProfiters was acquired by iConText.

Bacula Systems

2016 - now

Director of Online Marketing

Lead generation and nurturing using SEM, SEO, social network advertising, email and CRM marketing techniques. Tripled (+300%) the number of leads in 1 year. +150% to the number of opportunities. Continuing to grow the amount of quality leads and sales conversion. Successfully competing with the hugest IT companies like IBM, HP, DELL, EMC and others. Running the Russian distribution company.

VirtoCommerce & VirtoSoftware

2017 - now


VirtoSoftware is a SharePoint-oriented company, who builds SharePoint and Office365 apps, provides consulting and training. Responsible for product messaging & marketing, lead generation and nurturing of the prospects to opportunities. Using PPC, SEO, social network ads, email and video marketing. Under my management the organic traffic grew by 67%, the number of trials grew by 28% resulting in the best sales month so far.

Internet Investment Development Fund

2015 - 2018

Investment Board Member

Along with other board memebers in the Europe's biggest internet projects fund responsible for marketing and business model evaluation of the fund's projects. Main expertise: online retail, enterprise and consumer software, SAAS services. Evaluated marketing strategies worth of tens of millions of USD for the biggest fund's projects incl. Babadu, Pravo.Ru (Case.One), Robot Vera, Promobot, Cinemood and others.

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Bacula Systems

Bacula Systems

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Engineer One

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Every company wants to know the «know-hows» of its competitors. Traffic sources, conversion rates and cost per lead, user behaviour – by investigating these metrics businesses are able to accelerate growths. Numerical approach makes the analysis outstanding - instead of relying on subjective assessments, we're researching the numbers and rely on facts.


One of the biggest problems in marketing is the lack of a modern communication strategy and messaging. The second problem is the incorrect goal setting. Companies and agencies as well as marketing head and his department might not understand each other very well. The modern strategy and well-defined task set is the key to success.


In every company marketing has its own story, with employees, agencies and subcontractors. Sometimes management doesn't understand their actual work quality and performance. That's when the comprehensive audit is the right solution. The assessment is independent with no motivation to criticize and change agency without the actual need.


The key differentiator of our service is the ability to improve all types of conversions: visitor-to-lead, lead-to-opportunity and opportunity-to-sale conversions. Book a consultation with me that will share some insights about you current conversion rates, market averages and will explain how can you sell more by growing different types of conversions.


How do you better communicate and quantify your unique value? We help you to create differentiated business value messaging and quantification, enable prospects to self assess their challenges, “do nothing” costs & potential benefits from your solutions. We also empower your sales team and partners to quantify prospect challenges, benefits, ROI & TCO.


B2B marketing with long and complicated sales cycles requires a lot of quality content to attract new visitors and, more importantly, educate, engage or nurture existing leads to deals. We can create industry-specific case studies, whitepapers, ebooks, blog posts, SEO pages and more - all done by the professionals from your industry so you're not ashamed in front of the marketplace.


This is about to get the work done. We will either select the best subcontractor through the tender procedure or will leave the current agency. The last option might be quite long and not cost-effective but there are situations when it can't be executed differently due to the internal personnel which needs to be taught modern marketing methods. We also have a prominent web developers team.


Sometimes for some of the clients I am managing marketing by myself with my team of experts to deliver the best quality, save costs or when you don't have enough tasks for a full-time marketing director. By using part-time model and a professional team I have enough time and experience to manage marketing channels and perform analytics with my own team while saving your marketing budgets.



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