A Growing Creative Management B2B SaaS

This company is a B2B SaaS workspace that allows you to create, collaborate on, and launch ads at scale. It enables design and marketing teams to multiply creative volume and variety, go to market faster, and out-market competition. The client’s name is under NDA.

As of mid-2022, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat by catapulting the overall SEO traffic from a mere 0 to an impressive 300 visitors per day. Over the past 16 months, the cumulative number of organic visitors has surged to 68700. This growth is a testament to our ability to secure high rankings for generic keywords with a substantial search volume (>50000 searches/mo.), such as “youtube banner”, “linkedin banner”, “banner size”, “how to make a banner”, and others, on the first page of US search results. We’ve also successfully targeted keywords like “creative management platform”, “creative collaboration platform”, and more.