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Google AdWords Audit: Template & Checklist. Why Auditing Google AdWords Campaigns?

It’s quite normal that every advertiser wants to get high ROI while spending as little as they can for the most of every bit of money they put in the search ads. To do that, you’ll have to regularly conduct an audit of your search advertising in Google AdWords with a complete analysis report included.

Clutch Recognizes Andrei Iunisov as Industry Leader

This 2019 award sheds light on my far-reaching expertise in digital marketing and lead generation. My competencies span across Europe and North America for both B2B and B2C companies and include…
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The effective website development checklist. How to develop an SEO optimized website that converts from the start?

While the coding process is definitely a substantial part of website development – it’s not the only part of the whole process. The code itself takes care of the site’s visual appearance and its interaction with users. But the actual creation of the site through coding is just one step in the process of website development, which also includes completely different steps like prototyping, creating website’s structure, checking the site itself after it’s been created – even post-launch support is a part of that giant process of website development.