Bacula Systems

This 5-year project includes lead generation using PPC advertising in Google Ads, SEO optimization, social network advertising, referral marketing, email nurturing and account-based marketing techniques. The target regions to generate leads include: US/Canada, Western Europe, part of Eastern Europe, ANZ and Latin America.

We tripled (+300%) the number of leads in only 1 year. We added +150% to the number of opportunities during the 2nd year. For the last 5 years we’re continuing to grow the amount of qualified leads and opportunities successfully competing with the hugest IT companies like IBM, HPE, DELL, EMC, Veeam and others. Our SEO rankings and organic traffic are growing for the target keywords.

Quick facts:

1) Our Google Ads campaigns deliver leads with 3x times lower cost per lead compared to industry average;

2) The sophisticated SEO optimization and linkbuilding strategy brought us to 100% visibility in Google for all enterprise backup-related searches;

3) Our Linkedin Ad Campaign was awarded for the best conversion rate by Linkedin team in their case study section.