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Social Media for B2B Lead Generation

Social media can be successfully used to generate B2B leads in many different industries. But what is the best social media platform for B2B lead generation? While it is possible to generate leads using the majority of popular social media websites, some of them are better at specific tasks than the other ones. Today I’ll try to figure out how we can utilize various social platforms for B2B lead generation. This post includes social media lead generation strategies using Facebook, LinkedIn and ReddIt.

B2B Demand Generation Goals and Strategies

Creating a sizable demand for products and services is a surprisingly complicated task that a lot of companies tend to struggle with. It is very important, because if you will only satisfy the existing demand without generating a new one, even if your business is built on recurring revenue, you’ll find it difficult to grow revenues in future. The main goal of demand generation is to increase brand awareness, stimulate traffic growth and thus generate new leads. This applies for both B2C and B2B demand generation.

YouTube SEO: Tips, Checklist and Best Practices

YouTube is basically the most popular video hosting platform in the world and has many opportunities for marketing products and services on it. However, it’s unusual to see YouTube in the digital marketing strategies for small and medium businesses and for B2B companies. It happens because YouTube marketing is meant to be expansive and mostly focused on brand awareness and not on traffic or lead generation.

Outbound Lead Generation Service for B2B SaaS: Best Practices and Case Studies

Lead generation online can be inbound and outbound. Inbound online lead generation attracts potential customers to your website where the target action happens. It can be a trial request, whitepaper download or something else — the key here is that visitors themselves have the intent for call-to-actions. Outbound lead generation is opposite, businesses reach out to potential clients themselves proactively by using online tools or telemarketing. In this post I would like to describe some strategies about online outbound lead generation which I was using in my works with B2B SaaS clients.