SHOP-SHOP manufactures stylish and affordable furniture made of natural solid wood and high quality MDF. All SHOP-SHOP’s furniture is made in a complementary style in 3 types: scandinavian, contemporary and classic. Consumers cannot make a mistake with the choice of furniture. There is no need to spend long hours in large and uncomfortable furniture stores or going through endless catalogues. SHOP-SHOP allows you to quickly and conveniently equip your interior without any extra effort on choosing compatible items. This is ideal for online customers who need the shortest way to make their purchase and organize their delivery online.

I am working with SHOP-SHOP team since Q2 2019 and we’ve already delivered significant results in the number of orders and traffic growth from both search engines and social networks. The customer started to get 10 orders per day in just 3 months coming from search engines and social networks. The number of orders continues to grow in a positive manner.